Language Beyond Coffee

Based in Fifth Avenue in Gaslamp Quarter,San Diego,California,USA, since 1992, Coffeetizer’s small bar & pastry cafe is a the embracement of the coffee seeds and all of  fine pastry creations & decadent glory. Coffeetizer’s fresh aromatic coffee is more than just something exotic to taste, it is an ever present reminder of San Diego’s delicious culture, elegance of its coffee blends, and luxury taste of California’s best delights.

Make a nice day and choose your own drink. Depending on your mood, Coffeetizer’ s has created a selection of hot and cold drinks to suit your mood and always be at your best.

What ever your mood … you’ll always find a good drink waiting for you at Coffeetizer’s

Relax Mood

Kit Kat Frappetizer

Oriental Mood

Dates Frappe

Challenge Mood

Toffee Hurricane

Action Mood

Bubbles Gum Soda

Beauty Mood

Fruit Waves


Coffeetizer’s Cafe is an oasis of fine coffee and tea, deli-food, as well as everything made WITH passion.

While in Coffeetizer’s you can enjoy fine coffee and tea, as well as a very large selection of specialty drinks such as a caramel mocha latte, a quick espresso, an iced vanilla hazelnut latte, or just about any combination of flavors and styles, Coffeetizer’s baristas are happy to create just the perfect drink for you. And try our new breakfast sandwiches and lunch/dinner options that you can heat up with the brand’s hot oven! The other special feature of Coffeetizer’s is the coffee itself!

There are a variety of coffee resourced beans prepared in house especially for you on the true American way.

Expect More Than Coffee

Our menu is a differentiated, unique retail concept. Drawing on the natural ingredients and cosy hot drinks category as an anchor, specifically the juice/ cafe bar market. Coffeetizer’s is positioned to offer high quality, fresh, handmade recipes for people on the go; convenient and professionally packed, they are truly a feel good treat for anytime of the day. In addition to the in-house hospitality offerings.

On the hot-drinks side; Coffeetizer’s makes its mark, renowned for its extensive range of high-end coffee blends (100% Arabica), finest Asian tea, and quality gourmet cappuccino & hot-chocolate cups. Making all served items in front of your eyes, instantly with irresistible design and taste.